Be Proud

Be Proud!

I was watching my daughter proudly trace numbers. I encourage her to feel accomplished without relying on pride and appreciation from me. I want my daughter to grow up be confident and self assured rather than seeking praise and approval. 
Growing up, I was al seeking approval, from wanting to get straight A's to being popular. I always relied on external acceptance. I was always insecure. 
Once I started being proud of myself, that all changed. I gained the confidence to excel at my job, start my own business and make life long friends. 
Are you proud of yourself? Do you give yourself praise for all you accomplish? Are you genuinely happy for others when they do something amazing? 
If you answered "No" to any of the above, you are not alone. It is something we have to learn, practice and live daily.
Here are four simple ways to be proud. 
Give yourself praise daily.
What did you accomplish today? Did you cook all of your meals, get your child to floss without a fight, or get to bed at a reasonable hour. These are all things to be proud of.
Practice acceptance.
Acknowledge when you make a mistake or are disappointed. Forgive yourself and give yourself grace.
I forgive myself for not getting enough sleep this week. I had the misconception that I had to complete everything on my list. I love you and want to make better choices for my own health. 
Take time to acknowledge and celebrate your wins.
Congratulations, you did it! Enjoy it. Celebrate! 
Congratulate or encourage a friend. 
There is enough to go around. Support and encourage others in their dreams.
Start your day and your week off with pride. Be strong, kind and confident and you will glow. 
Have a beautiful day!

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