Do You Judge Yourself

I try not to judge people, but I still catch myself.

I used to think a yard up the street was so weird. There are flamingos hiding in the bushes, stuffed animals and chairs placed throughout the yard.
Then I had a kid. This yard quickly became her favorite spot in the neighborhood. I found out the neighbor places the toys and characters in his yard for the kids. He wants them to enjoy visiting. I get it! We stop by often to see Mater, a dinosaur, bunnies and the latest addition, a yellow M&M with an umbrella.

"Love is the absence of judgement."
Dalai Lama

Do you judge yourself?
I often notice when I am judging others. I am not as quick to notice when I judge myself.
Tip, it involves the word should.
My latest self judgements:
I should be eating healthier.
I should go to bed earlier.
I should clean up the house.
I should be doing more.
I’m judging myself for not living up to this perfect/ideal self. I criticize myself for it.
This is all too common. Do you do it too?
Here are four steps to handle self judgement.

1. Acknowledge the judgement

2. Forgive yourself for the judgment.

I forgive you for believing the misconception that I have to eat perfectly healthy all the time and that I can do it all at once.

3. Nurture yourself.

I know this is hard and there might be a belief or fear that is holding you back. It is ok to have those feelings. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it so you can move on and feel good about the food you eat.

4. Come up with a plan.

Journal on what is stopping me for cooking and changing my food habits. Commit to one change at a time.

There is often more to a judgment then what is on the surface. Take some time to explore why you feel the judgement. Is it fear, resentment, pain or insecurity?
As the Dalai Lama said, “ Love is the absence of judgement.” You won’t can’t truly love yourself if you are still judging yourself.

Food for thought. Have a wonderful day!!

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