Ingesting Lip Balm

Did you know you could be ingesting 1 pound of lip product over 13 years? It's about twice that if you are constantly reapplying.

No matter how often you apply, some, you are swallowing some amount of your lip product.

Make sure you know what's in the products you use. You wouldn't want to eat heavy metals or toxins, right?!

This is why I use just five plant-powered ingredients in my Chocolate Lip Balm.

Jojoba Oil


Cocoa Butter

Coconut Oil

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

Yep, that's it! Only five easy to read and understand ingredients. All ingredients are cold pressed and unrefined to maintain their nutritional value. All certified organic too. Doesn't that sound amazing?

You don't have to take my word for it. Swipe to see how one customer is loving her lip balm.

Treat yourself today!

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