About Products

Blyssen's skin care products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the best quality product and shelf life. All of my skincare products are made with natural (minimally processed) ingredients that are either unsprayed, wild crafted or certified organic.

Sustainability and responsibility are important to me and therefore, I do not use any palm oil, even from ethical sources. I keep plastic packaging to a minimum. My glass bottles and droppers are recyclable and the lip balm tubes are biodegradable.

My skin care products are packed with nutrient rich ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. I make oil-based products that do not contain preservatives, emulsifiers or water. 

All of my products are free of synthetic fragrance and essential oils. I love essential oils for their therapeutic benefits am trained in aromatherapy. There are a few reasons why I do not recommend essential oils for regular topical use during pregnancy. Please visit my blog post for more information.

I take great pride in sourcing responsible, sustainable, clean, natural ingredients. So you can be rest-assured that what you are putting on your skin is free of nasty pesticides and harmful chemicals and is safe for you and your growing baby.

Lastly, I offer customized solutions for your skin care needs.