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"Skin care is not a Band-aid; it's a tool to go deeper, towards a more natural, confident, and beautiful you."

Mandi, Founder and Formulator

  • You're seeking a hassle-free external glow

    You seek clean, uncomplicated beauty products to protect and nourish your skin.

  • You've done the inner work; now for the outer

    You value connection and know skin care complements inner glow.

  • Dry skin facial oil for simple skincare routine

    You crave a dual internal-external glow

    You see beauty in holistic self-care; it's an ongoing journey of truth and love.

Pregnancy friendly simple moisturizing botanical face oil for normal skin easy skincare routine

In every drop of Blyssen lies a story

One of harmony, purity, and deep-rooted connection with the earth. Our journey began with a simple question: Can the essence of nature's tranquility and the profound sense of well-being be captured and shared?

From the dew-kissed petals of a remote wildflower meadow to the ancient minerals of the earch's untoucned corners, Blyssen isn't just skincare; it's a homage to the world's natural wonders.



  • Chandler

    "Coming from a skin care addiction! I am absolutely in love with Mandi's skincare! My face has never felt so hydrated and smooth. Absolutely recommend trying her products they are amazing."

  • Mila

    "This product (Enchanted Under Eye Oil) helped lighten my under-eye area, and I love that a little goes a LONG way. It left my under-eye area smoother."

  • Julie

    "I am really loving the (Simple 3 Step Routine) travel kit that I purchased. It’s working really well for me. I’m so happy to have tried it out and I look forward to keep purchasing the products."

Mandi's Mission

I lost myself as a new mom by putting myself last, not having an emotional outlet, and trying to do it all myself.

When I started to prioritize myself, I gained a renewed sense of self and rediscovered my glow.