About Us


Hey, I'm Mandi, Founder of Blyssen. I struggled to get pregnant, in 2016, so I started studying aromatherapy to help my family adopt a healthier lifestyle.

So I started making my own products and sharing them with family and friends.

My dream came true, and I finally got pregnant in 2017.

I was so fearful of miscarrying that I stopped taking care of my skin and making products.

Motherhood consumed me. I gave up all hobbies and passions to focus on raising an amazing human. Self doubt controlled me, and I fell into a deep depression. I felt like I was failing as a mother.

Returning to work, I lost the flexibility of spending time with my family. I didn't want to miss out on my daughter's life. I wanted to actively follow along in her journey.

It was now or never, so I took the leap and created a handmade natural skincare brand. Along the way, I started to prioritize myself, I gained a renewed sense of self and truly began to appreciate self value.

Now I empower Mamas to go from forgotten to self valued and get their Mama Glow.

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Blyssen's skin care products are handcrafted in San Diego, CA in small batches to ensure the best quality product and shelf life. All of my skincare products are made with natural (minimally processed) ingredients that are either wild crafted or certified organic.

Sustainability and responsibility are important to me and therefore, I do not use any palm oil, even from ethical sources. I keep plastic packaging to a minimum. My glass bottles and droppers are recyclable and the lip balm tubes are biodegradable.

My skin care products are packed with nutrient rich ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. I make oil-based products that do not contain fillers.

All of my products are free of synthetic fragrance and essential oils and are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms as well as children.

I take great pride in sourcing responsible, sustainable, clean, natural ingredients. So you can be rest-assured that what you are putting on your skin is free of nasty pesticides and harmful chemicals and is safe for you and your family.

Lastly, I offer customized solutions for your skincare needs. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Blyssen’s handmade skincare embodies nature and natural beauty from my use of sustainably harvested ingredients to my self-loving affirmations.

I also strive to reduce my  environmental impact with my eco-friendly packaging consisting of compostable paper lip balm tubes, recyclable glass bottles and hand salve tins which are all lovingly packaged in compostable burlap bags.

All products are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes or paper envelopes. Recyclable filler and corrugated bubble wrap are used to protect all products during shipping.

Remove product labels and reuse, recycle or compost your used product containers.

Empowering Moms

Empowering Women

I empower you to love and appreciate yourself through stress free self-care. Taking time for yourself, no matter how little, encourages balance, rest and recharging.

Glowing comes from within. When you are confident and believe in yourself, it comes to the surface. 

Redefine beauty by owning your beauty story. Nourish your glow with clean skincare powered by nature.

Where to Start?

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