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Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Marta Giri, editor-in-chief of Locally Well San Diego, a local news company covering health + wellness news + events here in San Diego. I’m also a wife + mom to two boys (9 + 5) and we live in the beautiful community of Encinitas.

What do you love most about being a mom? 

My absolute favorite part is being a guiding light to my kids. Whether it’s highlighting their success + growth, shining a spotlight on their talents or being a beacon of hope when they’re struggling, my light + love is always there for them no matter how they’re feeling. 

Other favorite things about being a mom: kid cuddles, giggles, creative antics + their bountiful silly energy.

What aspect of motherhood challenges you to grow into your highest self? 

When my kids were little I struggled with balancing being a working mom + being a fully present mom to my little ones. I didn’t feel like I was really successful at either role as I felt pulled in so many different directions. Now that they’re older, it’s a lot easier as they’re more self-sufficient  but being present is still a conscious choice I must commit to each + every day.

How has being a mom shaped you into your present self? 

Becoming a mom amplified certain traits that I already had within my authentic self – being a supportive listener, leader + community connector. You also have to be very discerning with your energy when you become a mom because time is very limited. So becoming a mom has led me to learn how to prioritize what matters most each day and not worry too much about the rest. That was a hard lesson to learn + one I’m still working on so that I don’t burn out!

How do you reset when you feel overwhelmed, or find a moment of bliss in the chaos? 

This happens when I have too much on my plate as a working parent. If I’m feeling the symptoms of burnout, this means it’s time to start saying “no” to external commitments and to simplify. So I carve out a moment to pause, rest + to look at all my tasks from a big picture view and ask myself what’s the most important + draw up a new action plan. Daily meditations and breathwork also help get me out of my head, ground back into my body + the present moment.

Since we share a similar appreciation for food, what's your favorite family friendly meal or restaurant in San Diego? 

For families with kids under 5, fast casual is the way to go. I recommend our local San Diego Farmers Markets, Liberty Public Market in Point Loma, the Little Italy Food Hall or the Windmill Food Hall in Carlsbad because these places have both kid-friendly + adult options, and plenty of outdoor space for your kids to be kids.

Thank you so much for sharing a part of your journey! What do you have for local San Diego moms, and where can we find you?

At Locally Well San Diego, we share the latest wellness events + resources to help every San Diegan elevate their mind, body + spirit. One of our most popular articles is our guide to San Diego Mom Groups + folks love to follow us @locallywell for the latest happenings around town. If you have a wellness biz too, please tag us in your posts so we can share! We love helping people find their people. 

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