Meet Mandi: The Mom Behind Blyssen

Meet Mandi: The Mom Behind Blyssen

Hey, I'm Mandi, the founder and formulator of Blyssen. I lost myself as a new mom. I gave up my hobbies and joys and stopped caring for myself and my skin to devote my time and attention to being the perfect mom. Once overwhelmed and burnt out, I discovered simply dedicating 5 minutes to myself a day to be restorative and blissful. And this Blyssen was born; A simple way for moms to care for themselves while creating their own bliss.

What do you love most about being a mom?

As a mama to a beautiful and sassy young girl, I love watching my daughter grow and transform. Her laughter is contagious and always brings a smile to my lips. Her brilliance never ceases to amaze me. Her child like wonder is so fanciful and beautiful. 

Let's be real, motherhood isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. What aspect of motherhood challenges you to grow into your highest self?

I feel the challenges can come in stages. In the beginning,  breastfeeding was beyond difficult.  It did not come naturally to us. Her lauch was terrible and I was in severe pain. I couldn't produce enough to feed her, so I was pumping and feeding most of the day and night. But, with support and determination, we got through it and she was eventually exclusively breastfed.

Oh my, the current challenges! My kiddo pushes my buttons like no other. She tests my patience, and sets me off like nails on a chalkboard. But, it is all part of my growth. I'm learning to be less controlling and to let things flow.  I'm learning to pause and take a breath rather that react. I'm learning to be more intentional and compassionate with my words and actions.

Becoming a mom, you grow into a new version of yourself,  physically, mentally, and emotionally. How has being a mom shaped you into your present self?

The biggest change for me is awareness. It's easy to feel guilty and criticize yourself for not being a perfect mom, but giving yourself grace is where you grow. I notice how my words or actions lead to a particular behavior/reaction. 

As a mom, some days can be a struggle. How do you reset when you feel overwhelmed, or find a moment of bliss in the chaos?

I have multiple tools in my blissful mom tool kit, but my favorites are giving myself a simple facial massage and spending 20 minutes getting sweaty in the sauna.

The facial massage is wonderful for relaxation and reseting your nervous system. It can also help with lymphatic drainage and reducing stress and tension. 

The infrared sauna is great for sweating out toxins, meditation, and slowing down. My routine involves dry bushing, deep breathing and mindfulness. 

Thank you for letting us peek into your world. What do you have for local San Diego moms, and where can we find you? 

Thank you! Mama, it is time to pamper yourself and unwind with our soothing self-guided facial massage, the ultimate way to relax and reset at the end of your day.
But the relaxtion doesn't stop there! Start your morning confident and energized with our quick and easy 5-Minute skincare routine. Follow us on Instagram @blyssenbeauty for quick tips on how to create your own bliss and rediscover your glow.
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