Introducing Rachael, Exploring Motherhood and Self Through Nature

Introducing Rachael, Exploring Motherhood and Self Through Nature

 Appreciating Motherhood through nature

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Rachael (pronounced "Rakael"), nature & spirit connector.

What do you love most about being a mom? 

So much, but first and foremost is just the love – the pure, authentic love that just comes over you as you watch your child/children just living their lives. I also love marveling at their uniqueness, imagination, creativity, empathy and strength.

What aspect of motherhood challenges you to grow into your highest self? 

All of them! I believe our children are our greatest teachers, and also mirror back to us what we still need to accept, heal and embody.   

One of my biggest challenges as a mom is the overwhelm and chaos of ALL THE THINGS that seem sometimes to constantly bombard us. Yet this has helped me grow into much more radical acceptance. Radical acceptance for our mess, our tiredness, our confusion, for all of it. As an energy worker I know that radical acceptance is amazing for our heart chakras, and our mental health as its energy is very close to the energy of unconditional love.

How has being a mom shaped you into your present self? 

Becoming a mother was actually the catalyst for me to become an entrepreneur, connect more deeply with Nature and eventually unlock my intuitive, energetic and spiritual gifts. When my girls were still young, 2.5 yrs and 10 months, I fell into a deep spiral of anxiety and insomnia, related to dread over the state of the world. Finding a creative outlet through succulent art calmed my mind and heart in ways therapy and anti-anxiety meds just couldn’t and that’s how my business Infinite Succulent began. Through the guidance of the plants I began to study energy work and intuition and slowly but surely began pivoting my business away from purely succulent art into energy transformation sessions, intuitive & mediumship sessions and spiritual life coaching.

How do you reset when you feel overwhelmed, or find a moment of bliss in the chaos? 

I go to Nature, first and foremost. For me, this looks like more time spent in my yard, staring or caring for my houseplants, going for walks, talking to trees, harvesting herbs, fruits or veggies or spending more time in quiet reflection/meditation, because I am Nature too.

For me moments of bliss within the chaos come in when I allow myself to be fully present to experience my kids smiles, laughs,  and lights in their eyes as they’re sharing a story or idea. Bliss comes when I let go of my thoughts to appreciate the beauty of Nature and the love we’ve created in our family.

What's your favorite outdoor spot in San Diego? 

I have a lot of favorite outdoor spots in San Diego.

For a fun, unique and just challenging enough family hike, I love Annie’s Canyon in the San Elijo Lagoon Preserve in Solana Beach. Elfin Forest and Buena Vista Creek Trails are two more of our family’s favorite hikes.

I also love pretty much all of the North County Beaches from Del Mar dog beach up to the busier Oceanside Pier area. Beacons in Leucadia and Fletcher’s Cove in Solana Beach are two of my personal favorites.

For camping, we love heading up Laguna Mountain to the campground up there in Cleveland National Forest.

Thank you so much for sharing a part of your journey! What do you have for local San Diego moms, and where can we find you?

For San Diego Moms I offer:

*spiritual and intuitive life coaching

*intuitive and mediumship reads

*energy transformation sessions & chakra reads

*plant art, styling and consultation

*chakra-aligned crystal succulents

*Moon circles, house and space cleansings

* Books:           Infinite Succulent: Miniature Art to Keep and Share

                        Everyday Plant Magic: Change Your Life Through the Magical Energy of Nature

Self- Care for Eco-Anxiety: 52 Weekly Practices for Positive Personal Change through the Power of Nature* (releasing April 2024)

You can find me at

On Instagram, TikTok and YouTube you can find me @infinitesucculent. Please come on over and introduce yourself! I’m always looking for more like-hearted friends!

 Healing through nature


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