3 Ways to Use Self-Care to Rediscover Yourself After Motherhood

3 Ways to Use Self-Care to Rediscover Yourself After Motherhood

It is all too common to feel lost or disconnected from yourself when you spend the majority of the day taking care of others. When you put yourself last, you may not know what brings you joy, lights your up, or sparks your creativity. It may sound

cliché, I rediscovered myself and my true nature through self-care.

Self-care isn't just bubble baths and massages. It is about filling all your buckets to fully fill up your cup. Focus on self-care activities that help you grow (personally, in business, and spiritually), that bring out your inner child and spark joy, that truly help you reset your nervous system, that break you out of your comfort zone, that activate your creativity, that spread love (to yourself and others), that relax and rejuvenate you, that moves your body, and that bring you connection (to yourself, others, and nature).

The elements that make up truth are love, joy, and bliss. You can't truly live in your truth if you don't have those. 


You need love and acceptance for yourself to before you are going to be able to lean into resistance, lean into fear and get uncomfortableness.


You cannot truly experience joy and pleasure if you are living in fear or in fight or flight. You become numb to it. 


Bliss is the culmination of love, joy, peace, calm, ease and flow. If you are in a state of bliss, nothing can touch you, nothing can change you, nothing can phase you. You are fully living in your truth at that point.

Here are three ways you can use self-care to start building the foundation to rediscovering your true self.

Self-Care to Love Yourself

If you are used to putting others first, this step might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but that pass as you keep going. Level up your self-care by combining different activities together to turn your routines into rituals and make them more impactful. Say "I love you" to yourself as you look into your eyes in the mirror while washing your face and caring for your skin. Say what you are grateful for as you prep your face for bed. To really dive deep, add in mirror work when you first wake up. A great resource is Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

Loving yourself helps build confidence so you can take the steps to uncovering your truth. Loving yourself also opens you up to sharing and receiving love, and gives you the strength to set boundaries and say no.

Self-Care to Reset and Spark Joy

If you are constantly living in fight or flight, your nervous system is probably taxed and maybe your energy is low. Resting is more of an escape than a reset. So, focus on getting grounded (especially through the earth), connecting with loved ones, connecting with nature, moving your body, and tapping into your inner child and playing.

This helps to move and shift stagnant energy allowing space for new ideas, feelings, and experiences to come in.

Self-Care to Get Unstuck

It is not easy to lean into what you are resisting. Your brain’s job is to keep you safe and comfortable, so it will do everything it can to keep you from growing. Challenge yourself, and lean into things you are resisting, things you fear, or just getting out of your comfort zone.

Simple ways to do this is by breaking your patterns. If you drive the exact same streets to get to work or run errands, change it up. Go a different route. Try out a new color or nail polish, or add a new color to your wardrobe.

Another way is to try something new. Explore a new part of town, hike a new trail, or eat at a different restaurant. You could even take up a new hobby.

Breaking patterns and habits can bring excitement and happiness, motivating you to continue to push your comfort level even when things don't workout as desired.

Your Journey Continues

These three ways of using true self-care only scratch the surface. There are many more ways you can use self-care to rediscover yourself. Take our bliss quiz for more personalized rituals to strengthen the foundation and begin to tap into your truth.


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