Embracing the Whisper Within and Nurturing Your Intuition

Embracing the Whisper Within and Nurturing Your Intuition

Do you sometimes find yourself brushing off that little voice inside – you know, the one that nudges you when something feels off? Maybe it's a gut feeling that something isn't quite right, or a sense that you should take a different path. But instead of tuning in, you push it aside, maybe because it doesn't fit with your plans or seems inconvenient. 

Me too! After years of being taught to ignore my inner feelings, I find it so easy to second guess myself.

A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to put one of my products in a subscription box. My gut reaction was to say no. I had read from a lot of product based businesses, that subscriptions boxes rarely lead to sales.

But then I thought, maybe I'm missing out on a good opportunity by letting someone else's experience dictate my actions.

Well, nothing came of the subscription box, but I also didn't leverage the opportunity to the fullest.

But here's what I learned. I didn't listen to my intuition and instead followed scarcity/FOMO.

What can you do next time you catch yourself questioning your intuition?

Here's what I did.

The next time I felt a hard no at a business opportunity. I paused. I noted what my gut saw as red flags, and I listed my non-negotiables. Most importantly, I asked questions, both of myself and about the opportunity. Like, was I considering this opportunity out of scarcity?

I set boundaries around how much time and money I was willing to invest, and for what outcome. Ultimately I had to pass. The possible outcome wasn't worth the energy required on my part.

Although I questioned my intuition, I did so with limits. I knew my body was sending me a message, so I listened.

When you are breaking old patterns, it is ok to question, but it helps to be clear on your values and be in a neutral emotional state.

If you find yourself leaning toward things out of scarcity or FOMO, move your body!

Here's a fun self-care practice to shift your energy and release that scarcity pull.

Start by expressing gratitude. Then, set the mood by turning on a joyful, uplifting song. Grab your favorite face oil (our Rejuvenate Facial Oil ). Warm 3-5 drops of oil in your hands and gently press into your skin while dancing unrestricted to the music. Let go of any judgement or perfectionism and just have fun.

Want more simple, yet actionable self-care practices? Take our bliss quiz which guides you towards a customized self-care routine designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

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