3 Common Myths about Face Oils Busted

3 Common Myths about Face Oils Busted

Face oil myths busted


Are you hesitant to try facial oils? Well, you are missing out! And here is why.

Face oils can nourish and protect your skin barrier while locking in moisture, helping to smooth and soften your skin. They can also aid in targeting certain skincare concerns. Face oils can help balance your oil production, fight signs of aging and soothe sun and environmental damage.

Let's start busting some face oil myths.

Myth 1 - Face Oils are not for Oily/Congested Skin

Face oils are not created equal and no two people have the same skin. Blanket statements, like these, are a disservice. The main ingredients in a face oil are carrier oils. Each carrier oil has its own properties, aroma, feel and absorbency.

Oily/congested skin products can often be drying and even strip your skin of its natural oil/sebum. Jojoba is a lovely carrier oil that closely resembles sebum and helps to balance your skins oil production.

There are plenty of dry astringent oils that are nourishing to the skin. Less is more. Start with a small amount 2-3 drops and add more as needed.


Myth 2 - Face Oils are Heavy and Greasy

A well formulated facial oil is light, absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy residue.

Facial oils are nutrient dense, so a little goes a long way. Typically, 3-4 drops is enough to moisturize your entire face. If the oil doesn't fully absorb in under a minute, blot off excess oil.


Myth 3 - Face Oils Don't Work

Face oils do work!
When selecting a face oil, make sure you understand the primary benefits. No natural product is going to eliminate wrinkles, acne or scaring overnight. Be patient and give your skincare products time to work their magic.

How to get the most out of your natural skincare:

  • Be consistent - use once/twice daily for a month
  • Proper storage - keep lids on tight and store in a cool, dark place. Always use clean, dry hands when scooping products out of the container.
  • Use the right amount - 3-4 drops(may vary)
  • Apply as the last step in your routine (unless applying sunscreen)
  • Leave adequate time in between steps for products to get absorbed.

If you still aren't sure, start with a sample size. Smaller sizes are a great way to test out products and still have enough time to experience the benefits.

Best Face Oils Per Skin Type

Normal skin

Look for face oils with moisturizing and protective properties.

Some carrier oils for normal skin:

  • jojoba
  • argan
  • pomegranate seed
  • rosehip seed
  • baobab

Oily/Congested Skin

Look for oils that are dry astringent, balancing and won't clog pores.

Some carrier oils for oily/congested skin:
  • jojoba
  • cranberry seed
  • red raspberry seed
  • rosehip seed
  • borage

    Dry or Maturing skin

    Look for oils that are deeply moisturizing, protecting and encourage cell regeneration.

    Some carrier oils for dry or maturing skin:
    • avocado
    • sea buckthorn
    • marula
    • moringa
    • rosehip seed

      The perfect way to try out a face oil is to get a sample size. You want to test the face oil for a month to really see results. All of our face oils come in 0.125oz sample sizes about a one month's supply. Shop our face oils here.




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