Top 3 Benefits of Using A Face Roller

Top 3 Benefits of Using A Face Roller

Do you use a face roller as part of your daily skincare routine? 

Here is why you should consider adding this simple step to you regular routine. There are so many benefits to adding face rolling to your skincare ritual.

Just 3 of the benefits of face rolling:

  • Enhance skincare product penetration

Helps distribute skincare products like serums or face oils deeper into your skin.

  • Reduce puffiness

Through lymphatic drainage and also helps relieve sinus stuffiness.

  • Increase blood circulation

Helps remove waste and keep your skin looking healthy.

It only takes 5 minutes a day to sustain the benefits of face rolling.

❄Face Rolling Tip

Keep your face roller in the refrigerator for added cooling and soothing.

And always apply a facial oil or serum to protect your skin before rolling as not to damage your skin.

You can use a face roller either in the morning or at night, but using the roller at night is best for enhancing product penetration. Take advantage of your skin's natural ability to repair itself over night, so you can look your best each day.

Check out our nourishing face oils to protect and moisturize your skin before face rolling.



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