Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Let's talk Love. Each lip balm has a word, an affirmation, a daily reminder.

Love yourself.
Everything starts within.
Love yourself and people will treat you with love.
Love your story, your journey.
Your story is what makes you special.
Love the triumphs and the bumps, it's growth and learning.
Love your dreams and your future.
Be open to love.
From yourself and others and back to the universe.

3 Simple Ways to Love Yourself

Tell yourself "I love you."
When your brushing your teeth or washing your face, look at yourself in the mirror and love on yourself. Write a love note and leave it on the bathroom mirror.

Show yourself grace
You don't have to do it all. 
You don't have to be perfect.
It is ok to not be consistent.
Don't give up.

Treat yourself
Buy yourself something new.
Relax in a warm bath.
Spend time alone, go for a walk.
Enjoy your favorite meal.

Most of all, treat yourself with love.
Take time for you.
Take a walk, a breath, a bath or a break.
Reward yourself with something that brings you joy.
Show yourself some love today! ❤💋 

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