Lymphatic Drainage for Facial Massage

Lymphatic Drainage for Facial Massage

Lymphatic drainage for facial massage

Looking forward to giving yourself a massage, but not sure where to start? You are not alone. All the parts and pieces can seem overwhelming, especially when step one is often skipped.

I'm going to take you step by step through prepping for your facial massage with manual lymphatic drainage. 

Lymphatic drainage helps to move lymph fluid (waste and toxins) away from your face. This can help reduce puffiness, congestion, and overall lymphatic flow. 

Press play and follow along for simple lymphatic drainage techniques you can do before a facial massage or even every morning. No tools or products required. All you is your hands.


 Mama, it is time to pamper yourself and unwind with our soothing self-guided facial massage, the ultimate way to relax and reset at the end of your day.

But the relaxtion doesn't stop there! Start your morning confident and energized with our quick and easy 5-Minute Skincare Routine. This routine was designed for the busy mama who wants to create her own bliss and rediscover her glow.

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