Simple 5-Minute Skincare Routine for Moms

Simple 5-Minute Skincare Routine for Moms

Simple Skincare Routines

Forget the so called simple routines with 12+ products, not to mention all the tools. Taking care of yourself and your skin doesn't have to be complicated. So, let's bring it back to basics and create a new skincare routine that's full of ease and flow. 

Why Basic Skin Care

You skin, like your body is meant to care for itself naturally, but the balance can get thrown off by what you put in your body as well as on.

Be gentle and kind to your skin. Too many products and too much touching, rubbing, exfoliating... you name it, can actually overwhelm your skin, causing reactions and irritations.

It is easier to add to your routine then it is to take away. Start with a strong foundation, much like with a house, giving your skin the nourishment and protection it needs to function and glow.

Simple and quick routines save you time and breed consistency. Consistency is key to glowing skin.

What We Love about Botanical Skin Care

Botanical ingredients provide plethora of skin benefits and we mainly love them for their ability to rejuvenate, support, and balance your skin. 

Some other benefits include:

  • Nutrient rich - a little goes a long way
  • Less is more - minimal ingredients
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Slow beauty - empowering you to embrace the present, not a quick fix

5-Minute Routine for Tired Mamas

Let's dive in.

Perfect for the busy mom ready to rediscover her mama glow without a major time commitment.


1. Cleanse

2 min / 4 min for double cleanse

Use an oil cleanser to gently wash away  sunscreen, makeup, dirt, and grime.

Follow with a water-based cleanser for a  double cleanse if desired.

2. Nourish Target Areas

1 min

Delicate skin requires special treatment. Moisturize targeted areas first to assure they get the specific nutrients they need.

Avoid using essential oils near your eyes.

3. All Over Moisture

2 min

Moisturize your entire face to nourish your skin barrier, protect against future signs of aging, and to help with cell regeneration.

Elevate your routine with a spritz of hydrosol after cleansing and apply sunscreen as your final step.


Skin Type


Identifying your skin type can be a bit of a challenge, as your skin may change based on the seasons, what you eat, and even your stress level. Here is an easy way to quickly find your skin type. If you are unsure, start with a sample size, or multiples, to see what's works best for your skin.



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