The One Thing to Avoid on Your Self Discovery Journey

The One Thing to Avoid on Your Self Discovery Journey

You're healing; doing all the things. Taking time to love yourself, honor yourself, and rest. But some days you feel stuck. You aren't sure if you are moving forward or backwards, or even standing still.

What you are doing is working. Keep it up! Just make sure you are avoiding feeling comfortable.

Although comfort exists to keep you safe, it is also keeping you from your truth.

Your journey of self rediscovery is about self-love, self-awareness, and growth. None of this is possible when you are comfortable. Growth comes from discomfort, from breaking out of your comfort zone. I know that sounds scary, but that is where the grow happens. Start with small incremental changes rather than big bold moves to help retrain your brain and not shock your nervous system.

So, here are three simple self-care practices to start shedding comfort.

💕 Shake things up

Switch up how you unwind at the end of the day. Instead of watching TV or drinking a glass of wine, try reading a book, moving your body (sift flowy dancing), or giving yourself a relaxing facial massage.

💕 Breakout of your comfort zone

Wear new accessories or add a new color or pattern to your wardrobe. Go softer, bolder, or edgier. You'll be amazed how different you will feel from this small shift.

💕 Feel into discomfort

You have been conditioned to suppress your emotions and numb or avoid the discomfort altogether. I encourage you to actually sit with your discomfort. It will feel uncomfortable and maybe a bit scary, but you are safe and you are growing.

When you feel an emotion coming on, sit with it. No judgment,  no analysis, just be present. Bonus points  if you can sit in nature. If called to, journal on what came up afterwards. Then take a walk or dance to help move the emotion through.

Your journey is beautiful in itself, and will ebb and flow like the ocean. Ride the waves, as each will pass. Most importantly, you are not alone. Let's grow alongside each other, support, and encourage one another.

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