What You Need to Know About Natural Botanical Oils

What You Need to Know About Natural Botanical Oils

Why Use Natural Oils for Skin Care? 

Natural botanical oils have many beneficial properties that make them an ideal natural elixir for skin. With the nutrients they supply, they can protect, balance, restore and reduce the signs of aging. Additionally, natural oils often have little to no irritation potential - perfect for sensitive skin. In contrast to many harsh chemical ingredients in conventional skincare products that could harm your delicate skin microbiome, botanical oils give only nourishment.

How are botanical oils made?

Botanical oils come from plants and are often referred to as carrier oils. These are not essential oils, which also come from plants, but have a much higher concentration of potent chemical compounds and are not safe to use undiluted directly on your skin.

You'll get the most benefits from the least processed oils because heat, and other processes can reduce the oil's nutritional value. There are two main methods used: pressed or extraction. 

When it comes to pressing, cold-pressed is ideal to keep the heat levels as low as possible, helping to keep the nutrients close to the original form. Expeller pressed creates too much heat.

Extraction is when a solvent is used to extract the botanical oil from the plant matter. CO2 is preferred as it does not leave any solvent residue in the oil. This method keeps temperatures low, ensuring minimal change in the chemical constituents of the botanical oil.

Benefits of botanical oils

Botanical oils are like whole food nutrition for your skin. They are well rounded in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Meaning, they can help your skin replenish what it is missing, help protect against free radical damage, aid in collagen production, enhance, elastin, and increase cell growth.

Other benefits include balancing oil production. Some botanicals are similar to your skin's natural oil, called sebum. Since these oils are nourishing, they don't strip your skin leaving it dry, they intern help your produce the right about of oil to care and protect your skin barrier.

Lastly, botanical oils often help to lock in moisture, keeping your skin from losing water. Water-based products hydrate your skin, but they keep the water in. This is why finishing your skincare routine with a good botanical facial oil is key both for dry skin, and in the cool winter months.

How to use botanical oils for your skin

Natural oils can be used to cleanse, nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin. Oils are perfect for removing makeup, sunscreen, oil, dirt, and grime. They can be used on their own or as step one of the double cleanse method.

Botanical oils are also great for delicate areas like under the eyes and on and around your lips. 

These oils make great moisturizers. Face oils are an excellent way to complete your skincare routine. They are also perfect for massage, protecting your skin from tares.

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