Beyond Skincare: How to Practice Self-Care to Rediscover True Yourself

Beyond Skincare: How to Practice Self-Care to Rediscover True Yourself

It wasn't until I started practicing self-care, true self-care, that things started to shift.

I used to think caring for my skin was enough to connect with my true self and rediscover my glow, but honestly, I was missing something.

I was missing growth.

Yes, cleansing my face with pure botanical oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, and castor oil is loving, but not bold enough to bring about true self-love and acceptance.

Don't get me wrong, this blend is pure love and was formulated to gently, yet effectively cleanse, while also being highly moisturizing and nourishing.

But...cleansing your skin with amazing products isn't enough to  also transform yourself inside.

How to rediscover yourself through true self-care 

You also have to use your skincare with pure love to go beyond the surface, thus the bottle becomes a vessel of self-love and acceptance.

These days, showing genuine love for yourself may feel uncomfortable or a bit of a stretch, and that is where growth comes in.

The more you love on yourself the more comfortable it feels and the more second nature it will become.

This love and acceptance will grow into confidence and strength, making it easier to breakout of your comfort zone.

Nature is a big part of my truth journey. It is where I feel raw and authentic. It is where I connect with myself and my intuition.

Your self-love ritual to help strength self-love and acceptance

So take a pause and cleanse with nature and embrace your true radiance. 

Start with a deep cleansing breath. Openly express gratitude for yourself and your skin while you gently massage the silky cleansing oil into your face. As you wipe away the makeup, dirt, and oil, smile at yourself.

I invite you to take this refreshing moment for yourself, to find solace in the healing embrace of nature while allowing you to glow inside and out.

If you are looking for more opportunities to embark on a deeper journey—diving into the essence of who you truly are, take our bliss quiz for personalized self-care rituals based on your self-care type.

So excited for you to glow inside and out!

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