3 Simple Holiday Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

3 Simple Holiday Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

It's that time of year again.

Self-love for busy working moms this holiday season


The holiday season can be filed with family, love, and joy. But it can also feel rushed and overwhelming. Self-prioritization can help you stay calm and grounded when things heat up. When you are so used to putting others first, caring for yourself can feel overwhelming, especially this time of year. Taking just 5 minutes for yourself can help you to stay connected and flowing. Self-care isn't just taking bubble baths on repeat. It is about engaging all your self-care muscles. Not sure where to get started? Try these simple self-care acts to stay calm when things get heated.

1. Gratitude

No matter what your day brings, there is always something to be thankful for. Start and end your day with gratitude. I like to say at least three things I'm grateful for right after I wake up. It doesn't take any additional time. Then right before bed, say a few more things you are grateful for. For an added element of love (self-love), make sure to also thank yourself.

* Speak words of gratitude while washing your face as part of your skincare routine.

2. Laughter is the best medicine

There is nothing like smiles, play, or laughter to help shift your energy or get out of a funk. I always feel rushed. Like there is more to do, especially when packing for a trip, preparing for guests, or hosting a special family meal. Taking a pause to do something playful, laugh with your kids, or smile at a stranger, can really lift your mood.

 * Family game night is a great way to end a busy (possibly stressful) holiday get together.

3. Progress over perfection

When it comes to prioritizing yourself, there is no perfection, only a full cup. If you are striving for perfection, your cup will most likely fall over and spill, maybe even break. So, slow down, breathe, and just do your best. Your joy and sanity is worth more than exterior appreciation or validation. Most of all, don't hesitate to ask for help.

* Movement is a great way to shift energy. When things get overwhelming, take a quick walk or do a silly dance, while reminding yourself that you are doing your best.

Feeling lost or stuck?

Pull a self-care card! When you are feeling flustered or overwhelmed, it is hard to come up with something to do to help reset. Surrender, and let your intuition guide you. Pick out a self-care card and take 5-10 minutes simply reset or recharge. It can be that easy.

Bonus - Self-love rituals

It is a great reminder to always come back to loving yourself. A great way to do this is to incorporate self-love into your daily routines, to help start and end your day with a full heart and intention. For well rounded self-care, make sure to touch on all the elements of self-care (growth, play, relaxation, rest, connection, movement, and love).

* Saying "I love you" to yourself while getting ready in the morning or washing your face before bed.

* Listening to calming music as you brain dump to clear your mind for a restful nights sleep.

Enjoy your holidays and connect with loved ones!

Start dedicating 10-15 minutes a day to yourself. You can split it up, 5 minutes when you wake up, 5 minutes in the middle of your day, and 5 minutes right before bed. When you are stressed out, it is easy to feel disconnected from yourself. To come back to your true self, you need to experience love, joy, and bliss. 

These elements can easily be woven into your self-love rituals that fill up your various self-care cups of growth, play, relaxation, rest, connection, movement, and love.

Check in with yourself. If you are starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed, pause and breathe. You've got this! What do you need to do to do your best? Everything else is extra, over the top.

For a deeper exploration on rediscovering and reconnecting with yourself, check out our 30 Days to Truth Challenge. It isn't easy leaning into resistance and breaking out of your comfort zone, but it is easier when surrounded by a supportive and encouraging community along with trusted guidance. 

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